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We stock gesso for oil, acrylic, encaustic, and watercolour paintings in Langridge, Golden Artist Colours and NAM.


If you would like to clear prime a surface we have GAC100 or Cassein Binder.  Golden Artist Colours also make a beautiful Black Gesso, which we have in store.


Oil painting


Langridge is a Melbourne based company using only the finest quality ingredients so you can be assured of a sound product. 


We stock Langridge’s mediums for oil painting including Painting Mediums, Glaze Mediums, Linseed Oil, Stand Oil, Wax Medium, Impasto medium, Oleo Gel, Artists White Spirit and Gum Turpentine. For the artist concerned with toxicity levels in the studio we stock Langridge’s range of Low Toxic mediums and solvents.


We also stock a limited range of Gamblin, Archival and Winton products.


Acrylic Painting


Golden Artist Colours is a company run by artists for artists.  Years of research and development has pushed acrylic painting into new realms. adArt stocks their extensive range of mediums including Heavy and Soft Gels, crackle pastes, GAC 100 – 900, Flow mediums, Polymer mediums, Molding paste, Self-Leveling Gel and Tar Gel mediums.


Matisse is an Australian company. We stock the range of their mediums to complement acrylic paints.  Including painting mediums, impasto, fabric fixative, spreader medium, Matt Gel medium and Open Medium.


Drawing fixatives


To ensure your drawing is protected against smudges, fixatives are important in allowing each layer to remain stable as you continue to work.  adArt stocks a range of fixatives suitable for different media including workable fixative, universal fixative, pastel fixative and oil pastel fixative.  Krylon, Schmincke and National Art Materials are the artist quality brands we stock in fixatives.




Varnishing your work once complete ensures that the work is protected against light damage, dust and provides an archivally sound finish to your work.  Varnishing makes cleaning of paintings easier and less damaging than not protecting your work. 


For oil painting we stock Langridge’s varnishes in Gloss, Matte and Satin and Retouch varnish for paintings younger than six months old. For acrylic paintings Golden Artist Colour’ s varnishes in Gloss, Matte and Satin are suitable. 


We also stock spray cans of varnishes if you prefer to spray the varnish rather than paint it on, with Krylon, NAM and Golden.

Raw Materials


For raw materials we stock Pumice Powder, Marble Dust, Shellac flakes and Rabbit Skin Glue. 


We also stock the beautiful range of Langridge pigments, see the painting section for further information.



For all your adhesive needs we have tapes, sprays and glues to match your requirements.


Spray adhesives by National Art Materials and Super 77.


We stock framers tape, artist quality masking tape, gum tape (for watercolour paper), double sided tape and cloth tape.


EVA glues in bottles. TripleTac glue, and rubber cement.


Linen Hinging Tape.

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