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adArt has all your painting needs covered with products for oil, acrylic, watercolour and gouache.


Hand made artisan oils by Old Holland from the Netherlands, Williamsburg from the USA and Langridge made in Melbourne.  Each of these brands have rich pigment quality which will bring the best out in your work.

For those starting out or budget conscious we offer studio quality Windsor Newton Oils. 

Mediums and solvents by Langridge Oil Colours, including the low toxic range for artists who would like to limit the toxin levels in their studios. We also stock limited products in Art Spectrum,Liquin, Archival and Old Holland. 

We also stock Langridge's encaustic medium in blocks. This can be used with their pigments to create interesting and textural effects.

Fur further information on the mediums, solvents and varnishes we stock please visit our mediums page.

Oil Sticks:

Oil sticks provide a great alternative for artists wanting to work with oils.  Oil paints in stick form can be used with traditional oil paints.  We hold the range of  Sennelier oils sticks in beautifully rich colours.


Acrylics have come a long way and we are able to offer one of the leaders in acrylic paint innovation, Golden Artist Colours.  Golden Artist Colours Heavy Body, Open, Fluids and Flow are complemented by our large range of mediums which allows for manipulation and experimentation with acrylic paint. 


Matisse Artist Structure are an Australian-made acrylic and offer a range of Australian colours. We also stock Matisse mediums.


We have recently added Royal Talen's range of Amsterdam 'standard' acrylics to the shop.  These affordable student quality paints come in a great range of colours and are perfect if you are just starting out, or to use for underpainting.


QOR (made by Golden Artist Colours) and Holbein. 

Sets in Sennelier, QOR, Gansai Tambi and Micador ranges.

See our papers page for the perfect paper for watercolour.  We also stock Gum Tape for fixing your paper to the board.


Sennelier's artist quality gouache is wonderful for fine art painting. Made from Sennelier's quality pigments and natural gum comes in a range of colours.

Holbein Acryla Gouche is a Acrylic based gouache that doesn't re-wet once dry.


If you would like to make your own paints we have the stunning range of Langridge Pigments.  Sourced from around the world every colour is verified for its origin and identified for its chemical characteristics to provide the artist with a range of pigments noted for their quality of grade and fineness, ensuring the maximum benefit in tone and chroma.

Spray Paints

We stock Sugar spray by Ironlak. Low toxic with highly pigmented paints and UV resistant colour.

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