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At adArt we have a large range of painting supports including pre-made canvas, Italian birchwood painting panels, round wood panels, Belgian and Italian linens, primed and unprimed cottons and stretcher bars. 


Stretching service:

adArt provides a stretching service to make canvases to your needs.   As our staff members are practicing artists so they understand the importance of a stable and high quality work substrate.  We can work with you to make canvases for your project, offering expert advice on the best support for your painting style and also providing the most economical option to make the canvases.  If you are working towards an exhibition or have a series of paintings planned, get in touch and we can provide a quote.

We also have a range of pre-made canvases in popular sizes on display in the shop.

Canvas and Linen:

We sell by the metre; Carravagio oil and universal primed linens, Belgian oil and universal primed linen, Loomstate unprimed and primed, and unprimed cotton duck.   Full rolls of linen (10 meters) and cotton (25 meters) receive a 15% discount. 

Artist Stretcher bars:

adArt stocks museum profile stretcher bars in Hoop Pine, made by artisan makers at Chapman and Baily, and Mountain Ash bars from Fitzroy Stretchers.  We also stock thinner profile bars in Hoop Pine.  The Hoop Pine bars are from a plantation-grown native Australian timber grown in Queensland and northern New South Wales.  These bars are not heavy hard wood so, importantly for Tasmanian artists, they offer a lighter stable frame for transportation. 

Our artist stretchers use the traditional mitre joint. Using this joint in combination with wedges allows the stretcher to expand and maintain strength and stability throughout.


Stretched Canvas and Linen:

For the artist on a budget we have pre-made gallery style canvases in various sizes.  The SPI range has a 12oz cotton duck triple primed with a solid wooden frame.  The X-Press gallery canvases have acrylic primed cotton duck on a lighter softwood frame.

Canvas Painting Panels:

Fredrix painting panels offer an environmentally friendly option made from 100% recycled materials.  An acrylic primed canvas is archivally glued to board which offers and smooth hard surface to paint in any medium.  National Art Materials Linen canvas boards, clear primed.

Wooden painting panels:

For artists that like a solid surface to work on, we have German-made Cassini square timber panels, Elements hardwood square cradle framed panels and Birchwood round painting panels. We also stock Ampersand artist panels, unprimed Basswood in various sizes.

Ampersand panels:

Ampersand make panels for a variety of mediums.  The panels we have in stock archival sound grounds for watercolour, clayboard, and scratchboard. 

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